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Computer Business

PC is released new models continuously and accelerating spread it. Customers are also extremely active recombinant PC purchase. Diversified business purpose, home, always select the appropriate model is required to carry our PC which can use the all situation. Through PC replacement, it is increasing importance of disposition. We offer the PC data erasing, refreshment and material recycling service to our customers.

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What is PC setup/set down services
To the warehouse and pick up from your location or given, we provide PC set up and set down service. We can provide software install and configuration service for new PCs set up and dispose old PCs. Your PC data need to backup before we dispose them.
What is data erasing services?
All existing PC software and data is completely erased. We provide either hard disk initialization or physical destroy of hard disk. We will issue Data Erasing Certificate (manifest) if customer is required.
What is refreshment services?
Implementation of basic software and installation of additional memory and adoption of cable, mouse etc after inspection of old PC for refreshment and resell.
What is recycling and disposal services?
Each part is decomposed and separate into parts for recycling and others. We are promoting plastic material recycling in addition to metal recycling. Long life cycle and aim to improve the recycling rate. We will issue the Disposal Certificate (manifest) if customer is required.