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Business development and Consulting services

We are now available to sourcing variety of goods from all over the worldwide. But, if you want to sell it at local market, it must be implement local requirement and provide after service in local. We are always understand for both of maker and local market and provide right suggestion and support for both party.

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Power-saving fluorescent light NECO Line
Commitment to ECO, CO2 reduction is challenges for companies and to replace lighting fixtures is familiar approach. Recent years has developed into a significant power-saving LED lighting effects can be expected, but deployment is still slow due to differences in brightness and a very high initial investment. NECO Line can reduce 40% of power consumption than conventional fluorescent lamp with 5 times long life, The initial investment is about half than LED. You can use the existing 40W fluorescent light fixtures (ballast required part of the direct route), T5 is obtained using a conventional light-type fluorescent lights. Also, the initial investment will not be wasted and unnecessary additional work when you replace to LED fluorescent in future


Protection panel for large TV
Large size flat TV is popular to set at hospitals, schools, nursing homes, corporate lobby, showrooms and karaoke. In case of the screen corruption is a very high price for that repair. TV hard acrylic panel protection is designed and used for protecting from the shock of Gaming Controllers is upgraded for commercial use with proven protection from shock. Easy of installation and removal even weight 0.7Kg ( 26”) ~ 4.5Kg (65 “) and lightweight. It can manage risk from unexpected accident and keep the asset value.

Protection panel for thin-screen TV