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Importing and Exporting

Information society can get real-time information for all countries and regions. Buyer and Seller is possible to trade goods what you need when you need it. However, risk management is required for this. Our professional team understands the situation for both of region, products and payment settlement to reduce business risk of trade. We will contribute greatly to ensuring sales and profits to our clients.

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Exports of used power generator
The demand of power generator is increasing in countries and regions where electricity is not stable. Backup power generator is required not only for public facilities like hospital, telecom as well as supermarket, warehouse that require 24x7 supply for refrigerators. We have contributed to the stabilization of power supply for them.

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Trade of steel materials
Demand for steel is increasing worldwide and we trade both of raw materials and finishing goods of iron products cross over the world. Share the supply and demand via global network and optimize of distribution and increase competitiveness and reduce costs for our clients.

Image of importing and exporting of coil, iron, and non-iron